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Est. 1965

Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

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We carry and install all types of TIRES, from go-peds to go-karts, ATV's, dirt bikes and all models of motorcycles! We offer competitive tire and installation prices!

Southwest Cycle Miami

8966 Bird Road

​Miami, FL 33165


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Any service you need for your Motorcycle, Scooter, Dirt Bikes, Go Karts, Go-Peds and yes, even Jet Skis!  

Minor or major repairs, electrical issues, engine rebuilds, clutch repair, install new parts, accessorize with chrome, change tires, install exhaust system, jet the carbs, you need it we can do it!! All work performed by an experienced and certified motorcycle mechanic with over 35 years of experience! We work on old and vintage bikes as well.

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​​Custom Work, Major/Minor Repairs

$80.00       Per Hour

Some prices shown here are subject to change according to motorcycle make/model. You will receive a written estimate before any work begins.

Repair estimate is $80 and will be charged before estimate is performed. The charge will be deducted from labor cost if work is performed by Southwest Cycle.

No appointments necessary!

Flush and Seal Fuel Tanks

$250.00       Parts & Labor

Fork Seals and Dust Cover Installation

Most models with up-right forks            $50 ON Motorcycle  (each)

                                                          $25 OFF Motorcycle (each)

Most models with upside down forks      $100 ON Motorcycle (each)

                                                          $75 OFF Motorcycle (each)

​​​Labor Rate $80.00 per hour

​Free safety inspection with any work including oil and tire changes.

Tire Change Labor Price

On motorcycle tire change labor

Front Tire  (most models)        $45.00

Rear Tire  (most models)         $55.00

Wheel off motorcycle tire change labor

Front Tire             $25.00

Rear Tire              $35.00

Oil Change From $75 - $100

Regular, Synthetic Blend and Synthetic Oil Change available.